Since 1988, Card System Technologies Inc., the maker of the AR machines, has been developing, marketing, and supporting automated time and attendance systems. 
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510AR.com DOWNLOADS Hint: Set up an 510AR Attendance Recorder file folder in PC for saving all downloads

All AR machines are shipped with generic ID PIN codes starting with 101, and are ready to use "out of the box".

1. DOWNLOAD FREE spreadsheet software. The FREE optional software gives you the ability to MANUALLY ENTER employee hours worked. The time card report includes totals in decimal hours for use in spreadsheets. You can then easily run pay period reports, track weekly overtime, export to payroll systems, and simplify payroll recording for your organization. You need spreadsheet software to open spreadsheet files. If you do not have Excel on your PC, DOWNLOAD FREE OpenOffice or Microsoft's Excel On-Line

2. DOWNLOAD manuals. The General Manual provides instructions and illustrations for the Timeclock APP.

3. DOWNLOAD Quick setup instruction PDF's for the Timeclock APP.

4. DOWNLOAD forms to register PIN entry codes and associated names for the Timeclock APP.

5. DOWNLOAD spreadsheet files to accumulate and total the work hours (decimal hours HH.hh) for extended periods. Volunteers can be organized into a school year 10-month spreadsheet or a 12-month spreadsheet. The Hours Worked Spreadsheet covers 12 pay periods change column headings, insert rows columns and the Payroll Calculator Spreadsheet applies benefits, etc to determine employee wages.

6. Minimum Length of Meal Periods Required under State Law for Adult Employees in Private Sector 
January 1, 2018 ALL STATES

7. States with Paid Rest Breaks (Recorded by AR Time Clock option U)
Here are the current state rules on paid rest breaks, Note that these are the rules for adult employees. Several states have different rules -- typically, requiring breaks or more breaks -- for employees who are under the age of 18 or those who are under the age of 16.

California, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, WashingtonEmployees are entitled to a ten-minute paid rest break for every four hours worked.

Connecticut: Unless they receive a meal break, employees are entitled to a total of 30 minutes of paid rest breaks for every seven-and-a-half hours worked.

Minnesota: Employees are entitled to an adequate paid rest break for every four hours worked to use the rest room.

Vermont: Employees are entitled to a reasonable opportunity to use the restroom.